Fantasy Elite League

"Where Yahoos Elite Play"



                         Elite 12 Qualifications

Invitations to the FEL Elite 12 league (Free League) are sent out the 1st week of March for Fantasy Baseball & the middle of August for Fantasy Football.  The Elite 12 consist of the top players from the FEL based off of the Power Ranking which is derived from each members Yahoo fantasy profile.  

Each new Fantasy Football & Baseball season, the bottom 3 (returning- not bottom 3 placed) finishers in the Elite 12 league are replaced by the Top 3 league winners from the free leagues (Top 3 highest Power Ranked winners).  At the beginning of each years Fantasy season (Football & Baseball) the members Yahoo profiles are re-screened and new invites are sent out to the Elite 12.

All members invited to the Elite 12 league are required to remain in the previously assigned free league(s) to give the lower ranked players a chance to compete against an Elite 12 member.  New members must accept an invitation to one of the regular free leagues before being considered. 

All Elite 12 members are identified by (E*12) after their team name in the respective league(s).  If a member identified as Elite 12 declines the invitation, the next ranked player will be invited.

Each year the winner of the Elite 12 league will be awarded $100.

League Settings: Custom settings selected by the commish.  

Note: A ranking in the Top 12 and/or a high finish in the previous years Elite 12 League does not guarantee an automatic invitation/re-invitation to the league.  The selections to the Elite 12 depends on certain variables such as number of returning players, and finish in the previous years Elite 12 League, as to make room for the previous years Top 3 finishers.

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